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Teaching & Speaking

  • 9.2/10 average student rating over 9.5 years of college teaching.
  • Adept at explaining complex concepts and texts.

Curricula, Writing, & Editing

  • Created and edited lessons for a smartphone-based learning platform.
  • Wrote 3 textbooks used in college and high school courses.
  • Created or fundamentally-redesigned 2 college courses.

Mathematics & Tutoring

  • Extensive mathematical training with computer science degree.
  • Worked as a college math tutor.

Computer Programming

  • Working knowledge of Java/JavaFX, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Some C++, AJAX, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Git.

Online & Desktop Software

  • Proficient with Blackboard, Moodle, WordPress, and TweetDeck, plus Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Gimp, Sketch, Audacity, OmniPage, NetBeans, Screencast-O-Matic, and Movie Maker.

Graphics, Video, & Audio

  • Created vector images and animations for online courses.
  • Filmed and edited lecture videos as a teacher.
  • Writer, host, and editor of the Top 40 Philosophy podcast.

Work Experience

2017–present: High School Teacher

Stanford Online High School, Core Division (Stanford, CA/remote)

  • Taught classes on the philosophy of science for 9th and 10th graders.

2016–2017: Content Developer

Pedago, LLC (Washington, DC/remote)

  • Created and edited lessons and images for Smartly, a smartphone-based learning platform.
  • Helped to develop courses on project management, mathematics, and Excel.
  • Created a computer program for generating patterned data sets for use with the Excel course.

2006–2015: College Teacher

Washington, DC area universities

  • Created syllabi for philosophy and logic courses, as well as designing or redesigning courses.
  • Graded and edited papers.
  • Gave lectures in person and online via YouTube videos.
  • Used Virtual Learning Environments like Blackboard and Moodle extensively.
  • Tracked and calculated student grades with Excel.


  • Visiting Assistant Professor (2015): George Washington University
  • Adjunct Lecturer (2011–2015) The Catholic University of America, McDaniel College,
  • Mount St. Mary’s University, University of Maryland
  • Teaching Fellow (2006–2011): The Catholic University of America

2003–2005: Math Tutor

West Chester University of Pennsylvania (West Chester, PA)

  • Tutored students in algebra, statistics, and calculus.
  • Taught math review lessons for teachers taking a PA math certification test.

2002: Programmer

Supply Chain Consultants (now Arkieva, Wilmington, DE)

  • Helped software team refactor C++ code.

Education Projects


Wrote college and high school textbooks.

  • Wrote 2 editions of the textbook and manual for the Chambergon Logic system.
  • Wrote Philosophy in 4 Questions, a textbook for high school intro philosophy courses.
  • Wrote How to Write Song Lyrics, a textbook for a high school course on theater and music.
  • Created lessons for Smartly’s project management, math, and Excel pivot tables courses.


Created or redesigned college and online courses.

  • Used the Chambergon Logic system to completely redesign a college course on logic.
  • Created a college course on the sociology, neuroscience, and philosophy of music.
  • Helped design project management, math, and Excel pivot tables courses for Smartly.

Computer Programming Projects

Chambergon Logic

Wrote, maintained, revised, and documented Java/JavaFX game.

Introduces students to propositional and predicate logic in 10 levels, using 27 logical rules. Two modes allow students to create both proofs and truth tables.

  • Taught 2 semesters using the program as main in-class, homework, and testing tool.
  • Introduced functionality to generate useful error logs to be developed into hotfixes.
  • Continually improved features and created alternate visual modes.
  • Introduced anti-plagiarism methods and tiered administrative permissions.

Data Set Generator

Wrote JavaFX program to generate patterned data sets for Excel course.

Flexibly generates data sets of any size or complexity based on a wide variety of user inputs.

Fractal Generators

Wrote JavaFX programs to explore prime number patterns using fractals.

A set of just-for-fun programs that present the number line in the form of various fractals, allowing users to search for patterns in the prime number series.


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy
    The Catholic University of America; dissertation on phenomenology
  • M.A. in Philosophy
    West Chester University of Pennsylvania; thesis on value theory
  • B.A. in Computer Science
    Messiah College; magna cum laude; minor: music


American Philosophical Association

Service & Outreach

  • Volunteer: Citizenship class volunteer, La Casa de Amistad; February–July 2017. Computer skills instructor (Windows 10 and iOS), Forever Learning Institute, Spring Semester, 2017. Code Legion volunteer, South Bend Code School, March–July 2017.
  • Philosophy & Music Podcast: Creator and host of the Top 40 Philosophy podcast, which explores pop music through philosophy (and vice versa). 17,000+ downloads.
  • Commencement Address: Mount Sophia Academy, High School Graduation Ceremonies; Newark, DE, June 7, 2014.
  • Class Q&A Skype Sessions: Mount Sophia Academy, “Intro to Philosophy” class; Newark, DE, Spring Semester 2014.
  • Thesis Director: Patrick Keefe, Senior Thesis, McDaniel College; Westminster, MD, Spring 2013.
  • Faculty Advisor: Filmmakers’ Club, Mount St. Mary’s University; Emmitsburg, MD, 2012–2013.