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Top 40 Philosophy

Posted in Friendly Philosophy, and Music

Since I stopped doing the Top 40 Philosophy podcast, I also lost ownership of the domain and stopped paying for file hosting. However, I have uploaded the .mp3 files below, in zipped folders:

Download episodes 1 through 9

Download episodes 10 through 14

Download episodes 15 through 19

Download episodes 20 through 24

Download episodes 25 through 29

Download episodes 30 through 34

Download episodes 35 through 39

Download episodes 40 through 42

One Comment

  1. Kishan

    Thank you so much for doing this and responding to my request on social media. Gosh I had heard these a few years ago and I loved it a lot and recommended it to all my friends. I’d love to hear or get access to more of your philosophy sessions. I’ll definitely keep an eye out on social media and here.
    Love your content and Thanks again!

    June 28, 2023

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