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A New Job and a New Podcast

Posted in Life, Teaching, and Top 40 Philosophy

Things are pretty exciting in Tillmanland recently.

A Great New Job

First, I’ve started a new job as a content developer for Smartly. Smartly is a fantastic e-Learning platform by Pedago. Allow me to quote:

Relying on basic tenets of educational research and decades of experience in the educational technology industry, Smartly has reinvented interactivity in mobile learning. Gone are the passive approaches of video or lecture-based broadcasting.

Instead, Smartly lessons rely upon the principles of “active learning,” requiring learner interactions every 7 seconds with immediate feedback associated with each action. And as every 5-10 minute lesson builds on previously-learned concepts, we’ll continually test your understanding while introducing you to new business concepts. Interspersed throughout are social prompts and the Smartly network of active students, alumni and potential employers to reinforce study, motivate performance, and facilitate the tangible outcome of an MBA: your dream job.

The result is a superior platform that delivers learning for the modern era. (Source)

As a content developer, I get to research, write, and edit courses in collaboration with other members of the Smartly content team. The Smartly approach to education fits my personality perfectly. Our software and app let me do what I’ve always done in my writing as a teacher, but with so much more interactivity.

You should try it out. Come for the learning. Stay for the addictive sound effects.

A Great New Podcast

Top 40 Philosophy is now a podcast! It has its own website, and you can subscribe via iTunes and listen via Stitcher.

Episode 1 came out on Monday the 22nd. It’s on quotation, free will, and names in “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Episode 2 will be out on Monday the 29th. It’ll cover ownership, belonging, and property in “Every Breath You Take,” by the Police.

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