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Christian Existentialism and a Series on Music

Posted in Music and Philosophy

Today, my article, “Is Christian Existentialism Unbiblical?,” is going live on Conciliar Post

In addition to posting here and writing for Conciliar Post, I host the Top 40 Philosophy podcast and write the Top 40 Philosophy blog. Check out my series there, comparing contemporary Christian music (CCM) with mainstream pop.

Why Is Christian Music So Bad?

The Lyrics Make or Break the Song

What’s Wrong with Christian Lyrics?

What’s Wrong with Christian Singers?

Is Mainstream Pop Better than CCM?

I’m also currently posting a series on the T40Phil blog on what makes a good song.

What Are Songs?

What Is Rhythm?

Melodies Are Stories

Wednesday’s post will be, “Good Rhythms and the Origins of Dance

I’ll be back here at yourstruly-dot-com on Friday to continue my series on levels of reality. That series began with this post:

Where Is Reality?

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