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The Pragmatic Case for Middle Reality: Replies and Objections 2

Posted in Levels of Reality, and Technical Philosophy

Last time, I argued that intellectual and perceptual maturity attunes us to middle reality — if we judge the middle in terms of parts and wholes. The better we see and understand things, the more we realize that reality is in the middle.

If, however, we judge the middle according to originals and copies, we do become better at seeing generalities as we become more intellectually and perceptually mature. It’s just that the generalities we discover are (Platonic or mathematical) forms in which we participate, not large wholes of which are are mere parts.

But now for a different objection.

Objection 2

Viruses and bacteria are the root of most disease and thus is the source of the primarily survival and adaptations pressures we face. Furthermore, we are perceptually attuned to viruses and bacteria via our immune systems. However, viruses and bacteria belong to the next level of reality down from us. After all, they are roughly the size of our smallest parts (our cells and DNA). Thus, if we use perceptual attunement  and survival pressures as evidence of reality, then the next level of down from us is where reality really is.

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