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Year-End Top 10s: Top 40 Philosophy (nos. 5-1)

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One last hurrah! Yesterdy we covered the first half of the Top 10 “Top 40 Philosophy” posts from 2014. Today, to begin 2015, we have posts 5 through 1. Rejoice!

5. Seether, “Same **** Life”

I had a lot of fun with this posts. It’s about the different ways in which things can be identical to other things. But it’s also about Don Henley and Derrida.

4. Hozier, “Take Me To Church”

At a fundamental level, many atheists and theists are actually on the same team. In this post, I explain why.

3. The Beatles, “She Loves You”

The difference between religion and science is that in religion, you have to take everything on authority, whereas in science, everything is proved. Except, that’s not at all the difference between religion and science.

2. The Beatles, “Can’t Buy Me Love”

This post is particularly important to me. Is a thing what it is because of where it comes from, where it is going, or what it is now (“in itself”)? This question is especially striking when we ask it of rock-n-roll (but is applicable to everything).

1. Boston, “More Than a Feeling”

And we come to number 1, with my most (philosophically) dramatic Top 40 Philosophy post. In it, I argue that things in the world — not just human beings — can have emotional attributes.

Speaking of non-human things having emotional attributes, Happy Poorly-Time New Year! (Our calendar is stupid. The new year starts 11 days after the winter solstice, which would be the obvious time to start the new year.)

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